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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under $50

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Under $50
The best single serve coffee maker under $50 can be a great investment for those who love to brew their own coffee. These machines are easy to use and come with a variety of features that make them perfect for small apartments or homes. For people who are on the go and need a quick pick-me-up, an espresso or cappuccino from a cafe can be the perfect solution. Single-serve brewers are a simple and effective way to enhance the brewing process. Once you are hooked by the distinctive coffee flavor it’s difficult to switch back to a regular coffee. However, with the ongoing costs of coffee capsules, this isn’t the most cost-effective method to make coffee, particularly when you have a lot of customers who need to be served. However, these drinks can be expensive and time-consuming to make at home. Luckily, there are also single serve coffee makers available for under $50 that make great-tasting coffee quickly and easily.

You can see our top 5 best single serve coffee maker under 50 dollars list

01. Best Single Serve Coffee Maker for Home & Office

best coffee maker for office

Mr. Coffee Programmable 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker for Home & Office​

Brand: Mr. Coffee
Color: Black
Special Feature: Programmable
Material: Plastic, Chrome
Capacity: 96 Fluid Ounces

The Mr. Coffee 12-cup Coffee Maker that can be programmed is the best single serve coffee maker under $50. It offers hot fresh, delicious, and fresh coffee. Mr. Coffee is “Old Faithful”–the most reliable of the cheap makers. It’s plastic, and not as durable as the costly machines, but that is to be expected at this point in time. However, it is BPA-free.
This machine makes basic coffee, balanced smooth, and powerful enough for the majority of people. Its brew duration of 10 minutes 30 seconds is speedy for a 12-cup and the burner is shut off after 2 hours to ensure security. The possibility of programming is a feature for people who, like me have trouble making morning coffee without making a coffee before. If you’re making coffee for a large number of individuals then this machine is to choose.

About the product

01. Brew Later feature lets you make your coffee maker ready to go and awake to freshly made coffee.
02. Grab-a cup Auto Pause lets you take a cup even before the brewing process is done.
03. Lift and Clean the Filter Basket for quick and simple cleaning up.
04. Programmable LED Display Simple to see Water Window lets you observe the exact level of water to ensure there are no overflows.


  • Reliable
  • Good coffee
  • Programmable


  • 10-11-minute brew time

02. Best Drip Coffee Maker Machine ​

The top spot, and most robust among the machines I’ve found is the Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4 Cup Coffee maker. The tiny machine which made our list of the top 4-cup coffee makers can make four five-ounce cups (about two cups). It’s the right size for me. I have an iced cup for drinking at home, and one to carry with me. If I’m annoyed, the machine comes with an option to pause the brewing process so I can sip an extra cup of water before it has finished the entire brewing process. The Cuisinart comes with a shatterproof stainless-steel carafe that has a knuckle guard which ensures that you don’t get burned. The coffee is delicious.
coffee maker under 50

Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffee maker

Best Drip Coffee Maker Machine

Brand: Cuisinart
Color: Black
Capacity: 4 Cups
Special Feature: Manual
Coffee Maker Type: Drip Coffee Machine

But it is true that the Cuisinart isn’t as intuitive as the other models and you’ll require regular cleaning. Cleanup isn’t too difficult. The coffee may be a bit hotter, and the auto-shut off time of 30 minutes does not allow certain people to enjoy their coffee slowly. This isn’t a problem for me. This machine isn’t fancy and is named after the brand. Cuisinart will add a fee of $5-10 to the cost. If you looking the Cuisinart best single serve coffee maker under $50. Then, that will be perfect for you.

About the product

  • The 4-cup thermos carafe comes with a drip-free pour spill, knuckle guards to protect the carafe lid, and an ergonomic handgrip with a comfortable black handle and a black body that is designed to match kitchen appliances.
  • Enjoy with ease Cuisinart’s signature Brew Pause feature lets you take a coffee even before the brewing process has ended.
  • Small Footprint: The slim design is compact enough to make it suitable for small homes or even second homes. You can reduce counter space, without losing attributes.
  • Premium Design Features: “On” indicator light and an automatic shutoff timer that lasts 30 minutes which means you don’t need to think about having to leave your house in an elapsed time.
  • 4-Cup stainless-steel cup that comes with a dripless pour spout and the knuckle guard
  • The brew-pause feature lets you sip your coffee even after the brewing process has ended
  • Automatic shutoff for 30 minutes, and an ON-indicator light that is convenient


  • Sturdy
  • Nice carafe
  • Brew pause


  • Needs regular cleaning

03. Best Durable Coffee Maker for Home & Kitchen

Best Durable Coffee Maker for Home & Kitchen

Elite Gourmet Single-Serve Compact Coffee Maker

Best Durable Coffee Maker for Home & Kitchen

Brand: Elite Gourmet
Color: Black
Capacity:14 Ounces
Material: Stainless Steel
Special Feature: Programmable

The Elite Gourmet Single-Serve Compact Espresso Maker is the perfect choice for those who are always on the move. The 600-watt coffee maker can brew fresh, delicious coffee in just 60 seconds. This allows you to enjoy quick pick-me ups so you don’t have to wait at the coffee shop. The 14-ounce stainless steel insulated coffee mug comes with the coffee maker. You can also use it as a travel mug for your car’s cup holders so that you always have fresh coffee.

One-touch operation makes it easy to brew a cup of coffee. The auto shut-off safety feature also ensures your coffee remains hot even when you are on the move. The Elite Gourmet Single-Serve Compact Espresso Maker is a durable and space-saving choice. It’s great for small kitchens, offices, vacation homes, and dorms.

The coffee maker, which is easy to clean, can also be washed in a dishwasher. The Elite Gourmet Single-Serve Compact Espresso Maker is an affordable machine that will make fresh coffee in no time. To fitting with your wallet, this Gourmet best single serve coffee maker under $50 will be perfect match for you.

About the product

  • Universal design and waste reduction: We’ve included a 14-Oz. The No.304 stainless-steel interior and exterior insulated travel mug is perfect for under-most coffee dispensers and cup holders, so you always have fresh coffee at hand. Simply click, brew, and go.
  • Quick and effective brew time: The Elite Gourmet single-serve personal coffee maker can make fresh coffee in just 60 seconds. This coffee maker is great for quick grab-and-go mornings and for maximizing your time to enjoy coffee.
  • Safety features: We understand that you are busy and that safety is paramount so we have equipped our single-serve coffee maker with an auto-shutoff and a thermal reset button to prevent overheating.
  • Convenient, space-saving design: CONVENIENT, SPACE SAVING DESIGN. The small, narrow, and lightweight design is compact and can be easily stored into small spaces. This makes it portable and easy to use for vacations, dorms and offices as well as small kitchens.
  • Durable and easy clean: Made with high-quality materials that will last for many years. This coffee maker is easy to clean and safe.


  • Quick brew time within 60 seconds
  • It has a one-touch operation facility
  • It has an auto shut-off safety feature
  • It fits and stores into small spaces


  • It consumes high electric power.

04. Best Affordable Coffee Maker

best coffee maker for office


Best Affordable Coffee Maker​

Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 5 Cubic Centimeters
Special Feature: Programmable

It’s the Black+Decker is the most affordable coffee maker. At first glance, it’s evident the model is a practical model that is designed to serve coffee with minimal effort. There’s only one button on the model that is surprising in a world in which coffee makers are becoming more complicated. However, this is good news for those who want an easy-to-use machine.

It has an indicator for water that indicates the percentage at which the carafe is fully filled. This is useful the times you don’t want to cook a large kettle of coffee or those times when you need to make sure you don’t overfill your device. The unit also has dishwasher-safe filter baskets making the cleaning process easy. However, the design of the filter makes it so that water flows fast throughout the ground coffee which leads to a lower quality of coffee. This could affect certain people greater than others. If you frequently add cream and sugar to your coffee, you may not be able to tell the difference. Overall, it’s a fantastic coffee maker for those who simply want to make coffee. This coffee maker is budget-friendly.

About the product

Removable Filter Basket: Cleaning is easy using the dishwasher-safe filter basket that is compatible with basket-style filter paper.

Keep Hot Carafe Plate Warm: The carafe plates that are non-stick keep coffee warm for up to an hour after the coffee has been brewed.

The window for water: The window view from the easy-to-see water window, with measurements, lets you make the right quantity.


  • Dishwasher-safe filter basket
  • Water window
  • Simple design


  • Below-average coffee flavor

05. Best Coffee Maker For Office using

best coffee maker for office

Gevi 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Best Coffee Maker For Office using

Brand: Gevi
Color: Black
Capacity:1.2 Liters
Special Feature: Milk Frother
Coffee Maker Type: Espresso Machine

Gevi 12 Cup Programmable comes with a wide array of features that provide the best coffee experience. It is easily programmable which means you can prep everything in advance and then set it to make coffee before you get up. It has a pleasant square design that fits well on kitchen counters of all sizes.

The filter basket is made of mesh, which makes it easy to wash, as is the glass carafe that is spill-proof. Additionally, with a capacity of 12 cups, you can quickly brew for a large group. Overall, it’s an ideal coffee maker for at-home and office use. It won’t notify you when the coffee is done making, so you’ll need to pay attention. Also, we couldn’t find an official warranty for this model.

About the products

  • Programmable: A timer that can be programmed allows users to set the time for brewing for up to 24 hours ahead and have peace of mind using the automatic shut-off for 2 hours.
  • Maintain Warm function: The nonstick warming plate keep coffee at a perfect temperature for two hours and then it shuts down automatically.
  • Permanent coffee filter: Simple to clean and also reduce the cost of papers water filter.
  • 30-year-old Auto Pause: Take the Cup Auto Pause lets you pouring the cup at any point during the brewing process.
  • Simple to use: LCD screen and user-friendly buttons allow you to plan your day and make your coffee.


  • Programmable
  • Dripless glass carafe
  • Satisfying square design
  • Sturdy and expensive-feeling
  • Great value


  • No beep when coffee brews
  • No warranty


The single-serve makers of coffee are the best solution for those who prefer to prepare a single cup at a go instead of making a whole pot. They’re not just practical for people who live on their own, but they’re ideal for families and couples that allow everyone to personalize their coffee. There are single-serve coffee makers that make the best black and white coffees, lattes cold brews, cappuccinos, and everything else in between.

To help you narrow the options available, we turned to the coffee lovers at All recipes Allstars to discuss their best single serve coffee maker under $50 for using at home.  After conducting research and speaking to this group of home cooks, and trying various models we came across, we concluded that the most important features of a single-serve maker include its size, the brewing options, and speed, along with the ease of use and clean, and how well the beverages that result in taste.

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