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How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Quickly

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Quickly - feature image

Cold brewing involves simply steeping coffee in cold water. It yields a smoother cup of coffee without any acidic, bitter, or even burnt coffee flavors found in drip methods.

Trendy jugs of all sizes and fancy-schmancy label designs appear on more store shelves and coffee shops daily.

I will admit that I was initially reluctant to jump on the bandwagon. I decided that the brew I was used to from freshly roasted beans in small batches I make at home was enough.

You don’t want to pay five dollars for a tiny jar of cold brew coffee that’s barely larger than a baby food container.

And then, everything changed. I tried a cold coffee. One sip can convert a skeptic into a committed follower. It is my story, and I will not stop telling it. Sometimes you spend more time making a cup of cold coffee. Learn how to make cold brew coffee quickly with such simple ingredients, perfect proportions and some hidden tips.

Let’s learn how to make cold brew coffee quickly.

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01. Why Cold Brew?

It’s much less acidic. The hot water in the brewing process is not used, which means that the oils high in acid won’t be able to be fully released into the coffee. A lower extraction rate of these oils causes cold brew to be about 60-65 percent less acidic.

Reduces irritation. The different acids extracted from hot coffee-making methods can irritate your stomach, and the small intestine lining the cold brewing method can aid in preventing this.

It tastes fantastic! With less acidic flavor comes the smoother, sweeter taste of coffee. It’s effortless to make large quantities, and the prep time is the same. There is no need to waste time making several pots.

02. Cold Brew Coffee Essentials

Before you begin, you’ll need some things to prepare your cold coffee. If you’re a lover of coffee, you probably already have these items around, but if not, they are relatively cheap and will last a long time!

Container for liquid. This container may be one you can find, or if you’re like me, you’ll need something designed explicitly for this cold brew recipe. The gallon jar I used was inexpensive enough to justify the cost and large enough to meet my needs for consumption which can be seen by visiting this link.

The size of the container you choose to utilize is yours to decide; I’ve found one gallon to be the ideal size for me to last several weeks. You’ll be able to scale the recipe in any way you’d like based on the amount you’d like to make at once.

03. How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Quickly

Only one ingredient is required: The best, freshest coffee beans available. Coffee will taste better if it is freshly brewed and of higher quality. It is valid for regular drip coffee, too.

I buy a pound of small-batch coffee beans from my favorite roaster every year. Super Target is a great place to shop for coffee beans, but it’s not recommended that you use store-bought beans sitting on the shelf. They are less fresh and can affect the flavor.

French press coffee is my favorite way to get my coffee ground. It is extremely important that the beans are ground in the finest setting. It allows you to quickly and easily strain the coffee after it has finished brewing. You’ll get cloudy sediment and straining problems if the beans are not ground well enough.

Do this on the coarse ground. That’s it. And see how crazy easy this thing is.

We are happy to welcome you to the cold-brew craze. This could be the best way ever to drink coffee again.

04. How to Make Cold Brew Coffee- So Easy Ingredients

4 oz French press coffee freshly ground from a coarse grind, 4 cups room temperature filtered drinking water


Use a cup or pitcher to hold the coffee. Gradually add filtered water. Combine well by stirring gently. Allow the ground coffee to cool down before allowing it to be fully dissolved. Cover the coffee and allow it to brew/steep at room temp for 12-24 hours. Longer brewing times will produce a richer flavor. Do not stir after that.

Lay two layers of cheesecloth on top of a fine mesh sieve. Slowly pour brewed coffee into a container. Let the cheesecloth catch any ground coffee. After most of the liquid has been poured, stop pouring. You can repeat the process to ensure no coffee grinds are in your cup.

The concentrate will be used to make a cold brew. Adjust the amount of water you use to dilute it and adjust to your taste. Pour into individual glasses/mugs. Use cream, sugar, or as-is. It’s delicious straight. 


You can grind 1/2 to 1 lb of fresh coffee beans, depending on how quickly it will be used. Measure out 4 oz for each batch you brew. You can keep any unused ground coffee in the freezer for freshness.

Filtered water is best for the best flavor.

Steeping/brewing at room temperature allows for greater intensity.

Useful grinds should be thrown in the trash, not the sink disposal. It could block your disposal.

It is possible to make cold brew coffee into a hot cup of tea by heating the water in your microwave.

05. Cold Brew Coffee Ratios

To make cold brew coffee, it’s best to get out your standard or a digital kitchen scale. If the recipe is 1 gallon at a go, you’ll need to weigh 8 pounds or 227 grams of beans. You can make less or more by following these ratios:

  • 1 Ounce of Coffee (28.3g) &2 Cups of Water (16 Ounces)
  • 2 Ounces of Coffee (56.7g) & 4 Cups of Water (32 Ounces) 
  • 4 Ounces of Coffee (113.5g) & 1/2 Gallon of Water (64 Ounces)
  • 8 Ounces of Coffee (227g) & 1 Gallon of Water (128 Ounces)
  • 16 Ounces of Coffee (454g) & 2 Gallons of Water (256 Ounces)

If you don’t own an electronic kitchen scale that I have, it is available to be bought via this page. It’s among the most beneficial investments you could make for the kitchen of your dreams. I’ve used the same scale for over ten years now!

Once you’ve measured the coffee, use the grinder to crush them in the case of the whole bean. The entire process should not be more than 5-10 mins using a manual burr grinder.

Also, ensure that the grind can be set to the right level! Depending on what you’re using to filter it, it might be more difficult to filter if the grind is too coarse.

Place your coffee grinds in the filter bag, place your bag inside the jar, then put in 1 gallon or 128 ounces of water. Make sure that the bottom of your filter or bag extends a bit to ensure that the grounds do not fall into the water. If you don’t have a filter, you can pour your ground coffee into the water, which you’ll filter out in the future.

06. Cold Brew Coffee Brew Time

The cold brew coffee should make a cup of coffee for fourteen to sixteen hours.

You can indeed brew it for more than 14-16 hours, but should you keep it in the brew for too long; it will eventually become bitter. I believe that the time for brewing between 14 and 16 hours will be ideal.

The decision to prepare it in the refrigerator or let it sit open to be brewed on your countertop is entirely your choice. The advantage of making your coffee in the fridge is that you’ll get a deliciously cold, chilled cup of coffee waiting for your morning coffee!

Take out the coffee grounds through filtering when your brew time has come over. If you have a filter bag like me, pull the bag from the bottom, discard the grounds, then give the bag a quick wash.

Disperse your cold brew coffee into a few bottles to make it easy to take along with you, or keep it in the glass jar to serve whenever you’d like. 

07. Cold Brew Coffee Tips

  • Make sure to flavor your roasts.
  • Extracts such as vanilla, raspberry chocolate, coconut, or any other flavor included in the cold brew can effortlessly alter the taste.
  • Enhance the flavor of your roast by adding citrus or lemon slices, Vanilla beans, mint leaf, nuts, and more.
  • Include sweeteners and sugar-free syrups.
  • The smokier the roast you cook, the more acidity it will contain most of the time. 
  • For storage, your cold-brewed coffee should remain fresh for approximately two weeks; therefore, don’t be afraid to make lots of it at once!
  • There are a lot of variables involved, but my estimate of the amount of caffeine is between 100-125mg caffeine per 8oz.

Maybe you found this answer how to make cold brew coffee quickly?

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