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Best heat gun for epoxy resin

best heat gun for epoxy resin

In your workplace the best companion you want is the best working tool. If it is not the suitable one, it’s really frustrating. Before taking the decision of buying any tools a subtle observation is inevitable. Then the question comes: Do I have much time to go to the market and know about all the products of the same kind? The answer is obviously ‘No’. Let me explain in brief then we will jump to the reviews of the best heat gun for epoxy resin. In the market you will get all the products but not in the same shop. Even, they will remain busy with their other customers. It’s easier to know more using the internet and we try to provide every single detail for the user’s convenience. Among all the heat guns for epoxy resin we picked the best five heat gun for epoxy resin. For sure you will get benefited after having a look.

ENERTWIST 1500W Heat Gun Variable Temperature Control Hot Air Tool Kit :

This is an extraordinary heat gun which  comes with 9 temperature adjustable options. It will make your work easy and perfect. 3 fan speed features and 9 temperature settings  [ I: 140℉(60℃)@ 500 L/min, II: 176℉-572℉(80-300℃) @ 300 L/min, III:176℉- 932℉(80℃- 500℃) @ 500 L/min] will surely satisfy you. A 12.5 Amp  Heavy duty motor is used to meet the users requirements. It can produce  up to maximum temperature 932℉(500℃) in a few seconds. You will get it  stable when  you use it for a long time. In an experiment in the lab it is claimed that it can continuously perform for 500 hours at max temperature. The grip used to wrap it will help you ignore slipping. It is a balance designed heat gun which is comfortable to use. For hand rest an integrated stand is provided which supports the heat gun to sit upright. If you keep the switch on for a long time it will automatically control the heat. That means , a professional built in overload protection system is included to protect the electric gun from being damaged. Now lets know which accessories are provided: 4 nozzle deflectors & 5 paint scraper kit and 6.6ft UL plug power cord are added for users convenience. It is one of the best required items for its easy use and versatile use. It can be utilized for   shrink wrapping, crafting, plastic welding, waxing skis and snowboards, embossing heating, painting, roofing, wire stripping, PVC pipe bending, tint soldering/desoldering, seized bolts & nuts loosening, phone / auto glass repair replacing tile, soften plastics as well as drying and thawing purpose. It is a powerful heat gun with a weight of 3.16 pound.

Reasons to buy:


  1. ‎4 Nozzle Deflectors, 5 Paint Scraper Kit.
  2. 3 fan speed features and 9 temperature settings.
  3. Well designed and compact.
  4. Overload protection system.
  5. 6.6 feet long cord.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. A little bit heavy in weight.

SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Fast Heat Hot Air Gun Kit with 752℉&1112℉(400℃-600℃) :

SEEKON 1800W Heat Gun is a high quality product which is one of the best durable heat guns. ABS heavy-duty plastic and stainless steel air duct are used for its body. It is high temperature resistant and at the same time long lasting if you store it for a long time. A strong and powerful 1800W motor is used to produce heavy hot air for almost any project. It has two temperature settings for different uses. It can produce 752℉, 250L/min, II: 1112℉, 500L/min. In a second it can heat up to 1112℉. Four extra nozzles are provided with it for different uses. TPE rubber is wrapped over the handle  which can give you grip and excellent feeling at your working time. When it is in high temperature, To avoid burn and air blow PA6  flame retardant nylon composite material is used around the air outlet. Though we recommend it for epoxy resin as it stands apart from the other heat gun,it is versatile in use. It is ideal for stretching leather, craft embossing, drying up  foggy headlight, shrink wrapping, shrink tubing, epoxy resin, crafts, paint removal, cell phone repairs, vinyl wrapping, electronics repair, and you can even cook with it. It is easy to store as a hanging hook is added. For user’s favor a built in stand is added which is comfortable and  helps to reduce hand fatigue. If the temperature of the heat gun rises too high then it will start the overheat protection mode and it will stop automatically. This function helps to avoid the internal circuit of the heat gun. It restarts again when the temperature becomes normal. They provide lifetime warranty for this heavy duty compact product. I think it is the most important thing for a user. Products can be long lasting but nobody can give you the surety of its everlasting use.

Reasons to buy :


  1. Heats in 1 seconds.
  2. Consistent. 
  3. Safety features.
  4. 4 nozzles.
  5. Ergonomic design .
  6. 2 files temperature control.

Reasons to avoid :

  1. Hardly found any.

Black+Decker HG 1300 Heat Gun:

It is a smart choice if you want to use this powerful heat gun for epoxy resin. Don’t think it can be used only for epoxy resin. It is versatile in use.  A variety of applications can be performed such as: stripping paint, loosening rusted nuts, thawing pipes, softening paint, shrinking electric wire and so on. It comes in two colors: Black/Orange. This1350 watt heavy duty heat gun has two temperature settings 750°F and 1,000°F. After being heated, it becomes cool easily through a built-in- stand. It is designed keeping in mind the user’s convenience so they added a comfortable grip with a three sided handle which gives an extraordinary control. It can be moved easily and it is compact. As it is a corded heat gun you can easily use it for a long time. The 6 feet long cord is long enough for easy movement and flexibility.  It is 1.63 pound 9.38 x 3 x 9.63 inches best heat gun for epoxy resin. you won’t get any extra nozzle with this product but you can buy  a set of nozzles separately.

Reasons to buy :

  1. Versatile in use.
  2. 6 feet long cord.
  3. Comfortable grip and three sided handle.
  4. Compact and light.
  5. Heavy performance heat gun.

Reasons to avoid :

  1. Has no special kit.

Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun :

Among so many heat guns Wagner HT1000 Heat Gun is one of the best heat guns for epoxy resin. Why is it best?

Yes, definitely there are satisfactory reasons. Lets see the reasons:

It is one of the best dual temperature heat guns which offers two temperature settings : a 750ᵒF and 1000ᵒF temperature. HT1000 Heat Gun is not only used for epoxy resin but also used for softening paint, shrinking electric wire, bending plastic pipes and loosening rusted nuts or bolts. But it is the best for epoxy resin. To fulfill your project needs, two fan speeds are provided and it helps to keep control on this powerful heat gun .. Most of the time nozzles get withered and durability decreases.  for a long lasting life a corrosion resistant nozzle is provided and it perfectly works. After finishing your work you can hang it up in your workplace . An integrated hanging hook is given for a well arranged workplace and easy finding. There is also an integrated stand so that the hot nozzle remains safe from being touched with the surface. Wagner is a ETL listed company, to whom safety gets much importance and it can be said that their products are electric hazard free. You will get a 2 years home use warranty for this long lasting 581 gram heavy use heat gun .

Reasons to buy:

  1. Has two temperature settings.
  2. Two fan speed.
  3. Corrosion resistant nozzle.
  4. Durable and lightweight.
  5. 2 years of warranty.
  6. Ensures good quality.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. Should have extra nozzles.

AIRAJ 2000w Heat Gun, Universal Heat Gun for Resin (122℉~1202℉) :

Another heavy duty heat gun is AIRAJ 2000w Heat Gun, Universal Heat Gun for Resin. It is superior in its performance . It can heat up 1202℉ in seconds which is really outstanding. You need not to wait for a long time. It supports  dual input  US-AC:110V-50Hz & US-AC:220V-50Hz. Keeping in mind the users safety, it is designed with overheat safety which helps avoiding the damage of the product and the electrical circuits in it. A switch is provided in the handle and back cover to control the wind speed and temperature and it is easy to grab and press the button. This adjustable heat gun will satisfy you when you will see that it can be adjusted as your requirement. If we talk about its multi purpose uses, it’s a tool of different uses. You can call this as  heat shrink gun  for  epoxy resin,  heat gun for crafts,  heat gun for vinyl wrap, soldering heat gun  etc. To meet the users need they added seven accessories : 5 heat shrink gun nozzles and 2 tools for professional use. It has a weight of 2.36 pounds. A little bit heavy, isn’t it? As it is a heavy duty product all the parts used in it are of best quality and it is normal to be a little bit heavy. Users have a chance to get a full refund if it is not satisfactory though it is an A1 product. As per company policy they provide one year replacement and a lifetime warranty.

Reasons to buy:

  1. Heats fast.
  2. Multi-purpose use.
  3. 5 nozzles and 2 professional tools
  4. Overheat safety design.
  5. Powerful, durable and maintains Quality.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. A little bit heavy in weight.

 If you want to know how to use a heat gun for removing paint you can read the the step by step instruction by clicking here

I tried to give you all details about  the best heat gun for Epoxy Resin. Yet you may have some questions. Please feel free to ask. 

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