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Best heat gun for vinyl wrap


Once everything was not so easy as today even some work had to be avoided for want of proper equipment. Nowadays it becomes easier to find the working tools you want. Yet there is a problem. So many products are in the market. It is really hard to identify the best one and then it comes to us, we research and examine to pick the best products for you. We are going to write about such a category product for you and it is:  best heat gun for vinyl wrap. After a subtle research we selected 5 best heat guns. Hope it will be helpful for you. Thanks for scrolling down and reading the product review.

Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun, 2 Temp Settings 750ᵒF & 1000ᵒF :

The perfect shape of the Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun has been designed with care. This product has been tested and approved by Intertek to meet UL and CSA Safety Standards. If a heat gun for a household project is needed, it can be considered the best choice. Let me explain why it is regarded as one of the best heat guns for household projects:

Equipped with a corrosion-resistant nozzle and rugged construction, it is designed for long-term use. An integrated stand is provided for safety and hands-free operation, preventing the hot nozzle from touching your hand or work surface. It can be asserted that it is a fire and electric hazard-free heat gun, as it has been tested and approved by Intertek to UL and CSA Safety Standards. A hanging hook is integrated for easy storage in your workplace.

Despite being lightweight, it is durable enough for tough jobs and big projects.

Reasons to buy :
         1. Two temperature settings.
         2. Dual fan speed for best
         3. 1200 watt.
         4. Safety features
Reasons to avoid :
         1. Takes long time to shut off.
         2. It should be more compact and durable.

Performance Tool W2082 Compact Rechargeable Cordless Heat Gun, 600 Degree Max Output :

If you want a wireless and lightweight heat gun which is rechargeable, Performance Tool W2082 Compact Rechargeable Cordless Heat Gun  will be the best choice. It is compact and only 4.4 ounces, enough lightweight to carry. It can produce a maximum temperature of 600 degrees fahrenheit (315C) within 10 seconds. It is stable and very focused to the aiming point. No flame is spreaded surrounding the components and wiring. This rechargeable heat gun has a built- in 3.6v, 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery. It provides  a working time of 15-20 minutes and maintains full charge for up to 6 months when it is stored. 

For safety measure it has a safe start power button which prevents accidental activation when stored or carried in a tool bag. To operate it you have to follow some directions. You have to  Push safe start power button for 3 seconds to activate the blower motor (blue LED). To heat elements you have to press the button for the second time. To deactivate, reverse the direction. 

So many works can be done by this lightweight heat gun. It is versatile in use: Perfect for crafts, automotive, vinyl wrap,  electronics, embossing powders, HTV, epoxy resin, shrink wrapping, shrink tubing, shrink tube connectors, decals, wine bottle shrink capsules, EVA foam, transfers, acrylic, shrink film, cell phone repair, tablet repair, screen repair, soldering, jewelry making, wire connectors, butt connectors, wax, beeswax, soy, candle making, and more! It could be a good choice as it is low in budget and has a lot of conveniences.

Reasons to buy :
        1. Lightweight and cordless.
        2. Powerful battery.
        3. Safe start power button.
        4. Versatile uses.
        5. Not costly.
Reasons to avoid :
         1. Don’t have any extra nozzle.
         2. It takes much time to heat.(Some users claimed.)

SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W 122℉~1112℉(50℃- 600℃)Fast Heating Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit :

SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W 122℉~1112℉(50℃- 600℃, one of the fastest heating heavy duty heat guns. This professional heat gun can produce power maintaining consistency and heats up only in 1.5 seconds. This is available in two modes: I: 120℉-840℉(50℃-450℃),190-210L/min;II:120℉-1112℉(50℃-600℃), 250-500L/min. Considering the safety of the product and the users, several features are added. There is a built-in temperature control switch for avoiding overheating and damage to parts caused by hot air backflow. It is engineered with UL-certified wire and anti-scalding sheath to ensure safe use. For longer durability of your heat gun and circuit it possesses an overload protector. This powerful vinyl wrapping heat gun comes with a total of 7 components. 5 different heat gun nozzles for controlling the flow of air will help you to focus heat to where you want to. 

This versatile heavy use heat gun is  ideal  for vinyl wrap, shrink wrapping, shrink tubing, epoxy resin, crafts, paint removal, cell phone repairs, electronics repair, and many more.  Scientific ergonomic design handle helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries and other musculoskeletal malfunctions. Compact durable carry case for suitable and easy access is provided with it, perfect  design for easy carry. It is really praiseworthy that they are giving full refund or return guarantee with lifetime free warranty.

Reasons to buy :
          1. Heats in 1.5 seconds.
           2. Maintain heat consistency.
           3. Different temperature control.
           4. 5 nozzles are included.
           5. Scientific Ergonomic design .
Reasons to avoid :
           1. Hardly found any.

Genesis GHG1500A 12.5 Amp Dual-Temperature Heat Gun Kit :

Genesis is a very popular brand which has introduced us with many outstanding  products and we are going to tell you about one of the best heat guns for vinyl wrap. Genesis 1500W Dual Temperature Heat Gun is a versatile tool for vinyl wrap, Stripping Paint and Varnish, Softening Caulking and Putty for Removal, Removing Adhesive Labels, Thawing Pipes, Gutters, Freezers, or Radiators, Loosening Rusted Nuts and Bolts, Speed-Drying Epoxy, Cement, or any Damp Surface. It is also used  to light your charcoal grill, warm RC engines to help with starting, and so on. It comes with a 12.5 Amp powerful motor which delivers heat with 1500 high and 750 low Watt settings. It has ‎17 Cubic Feet Per Minute Airflow capacity. 

It is engineered in such a way so that it can be used in one hand easily. An integrated stand bar is provided for easy stand of the heat gun. Two deflector Nozzles are also included:  A reflector nozzle, and Air Reduction Nozzle. The Genesis GHG1500A is UL listed and ETL Certified, and meets all product safety requirements to be sold in the United States that means it is reliable to use this product with ease. This 1500watt heat gun is 2 pound in weight. It is provided with 2years of warranty.

Reasons to buy :
        1. 12.5 Amp powerful motor.
        2. Versatile use.
        3. Two deflector nozzles.
        4. Ul listed and ETL certified.
        5. 2 temperature settings.
        6. Low price.
Reasons to avoid :
       1. Some claimed it produces smoke.
       2. Should be more long lasting.

Master Appliance HG-501D Industrial Heat Gun, Quick Change Plug-In Heating Element, 1200F, 120V, 1740W, 14.5 Amps, Assembled In USA:

With 6 decades of experience Master Appliance Corp has brought a lot of changes  and introduces their Master  Heat Gun to the worldwide marketplace. To withstand heavy duty it is designed in industrial quality. A die-cast aluminum is used for a longer life. They used an upgraded, durable universal motor which delivers twice the run life. 1740 watts of power produces a max temperature of 1200F very quickly, while a high 27 CFM airflow at 3400 FPM helps you solve tough jobs faster. They have added New quick-change plug-in heating element with an airflow over element through which fixed air intake maintains temperature consistency, improving process control. For the users comfortability they adjusted 90-degree adjustable stand and An ergonomic soft grip for easy use. 

This is a very comfortable straightforward heat gun to use. Furthermore, the powerful heat gun’s efficiency and utility are improved with the 90-degree adjustable stand. This extreme use heat gun can be used for different purposes : vinyl wrap, to bend plastics, dry parts, cure adhesives, shrink tubing and packaging, heat parts, strip paint and many more. They are providing a 1 year limited warranty for this heat gun.

Reasons to buy:
        1. Powerful and durable.
        2. Has temperature control.
        3. Used high quality materials.
        4. Produces sufficient airflow.
Reasons to avoid:
        1. Don’t have nozzle.
       2. A little bit heavy in weight.


I am pretty sure already you have decided which one is best for you.  The high qualit heatguns can not be ignored if you really decided to buy heat guns. You can also read our articles on heat gun by CLICKING HERE. 

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